Monday, June 29, 2009

Foods Across America

We moved from Chicago and couldn’t get a real Vienna Beef hot dog anywhere – let alone a Vienna dog “dragged through the garden.” For years, we tried apple pie in every four-star restaurant and truck stop we could find but none matched the flavor and flakiness of the slice we had in that tiny Wisconsin town.

Time to take matters, a map and car keys into our own hands in search of this country’s legendary foods.

We nibbled and sipped from coast to coast, snapping pictures, collecting knickknacks, writing down recipes and recording histories. Then we made it our business (this website and catalog) to make sure others like you could also enjoy the iconic foods we found along the way.

By going through this site, you too can take a culinary road trip (without pitching in for gas) and indulge yourself in hard-to-find favorite foods. We’ve bundled foods from different regions together – like 3 of the best pies you’ve ever tasted from 3 states – to create gift packages that will please the palettes of the different foodies on your gift list. You can read about the origins, get nutritional information and serving suggestions for all of the great food gifts we offer. You can also order a catalog, sign up for our mailing list, and even contact us to tell us about your own favorite legendary and regional foods. And come back often to check out new items and specials!


The Foodies @ Foods Across America

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